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It's very easy to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu on your own. Perhaps that's why it can be so powerful. And we are working with innate knowledge, which everybody uses intuitively anyway. You find that hard to believe? Well, don't we all sometimes place our hands on sensitive areas of our body such as the stomach or the shoulder, or on aching joints after we have been sitting too long in front of the computer?

We do this in an attempt to obtain relief. With Jin Shin Jyutsu we can use this impulse and work with it more purposefully if we first gain an overview of the correlations within our body.

For this reason there are several different types of self-help class, lasting one or two days, depending on the preference of the teacher.

But knowledge on its own won't get you very far. It's up to you to apply that knowledge. Jin Shin Jyutsu works only by doing. And you can practice it anywhere, whether you are sitting or standing, as long as your hands are free. Have a go and try to hold your thumb as often as possible as shown on the drawing!

All the strength is in the fingers
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